“Be relentless about your healing because you deserve to be whole.” ~Shemeka Lawson,
Advocate. Author. Certified Life Coach.
Finally, a holistic approach to your healing, for R.E.A.L.! ™
Reaffirmed. Essential. Acknowledged. Loved.

Shemeka lawson presents:

Sisters' Keeper, for R.E.A.L.! (SKFR)

A unique community designed for hurting women who are relentless about their healing.

Hello my beloved sisters,

Welcome to Sisters' Keeper, for R.E.A.L.! (SKFR)

I am the president and founder of this sisterly organization. Simply put, R.E.A.L. means that all sisters are worthy of being reaffirmed, are essential, acknowledged, and loved. I am humbled and honored that you have considered being a part of this unique sisterhood community, which offers healing, hope, and happiness to hurting sisters. Whether you've experienced toxic relationships, divorce, abuse, addiction or mental distress, I’m here to walk with you on your personal journey to authentic healing.

SKFR was founded in January 2019, when I decided to dry my tears, face my fears and finally deal with my own destructive cycles - ALL of them. Since my rediscovery, I’ve been on a mission to help heal broken-hearted sisters. We are a sustainable non-profit with a mission to help hurting women heal. This is accomplished through various support groups, personalized coaching, and intentional self-work.

I am a wife, mompreneur, and most importantly a God-loving woman of faith and action. Additionally, I’m a certified life coach (Bloom University February 2020). I have more than 10 years of experience in commercial banking. When I’m not counseling hurting sisters, I’m enjoying quality time with my family, trying new recipes and watching funny movies. My mantra is simple, to break any cycle, you must be completely healed... and I’m ready to help you do just that!

I am your Sisters’ Keeper for R.E.A.L., ™ because you stay on my mind!

~Shemeka Lawson, President & CEO

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